Location images at a higher level

There is nothing that can express the beauty and location of your home like an aerial photo, taken in the best light to create excitement.  We are very excited to offer high quality imagery made from professional unmanned aircraft to give your home, work site or other location a unique perspective. Choose Victor Frailing Photographics to show off your home at its best angle!!


Victor Frailing Photographics provide aerial unmanned photography with only the highest standards. We will only fly when:

* Special flight plans can be cleared by the FAA

This is an incredibly useful and new technology, and we take our ethics seriously!

Please note:

With the increasing popularity of the unmanned aircraft hobbiest, if you are looking for professional work, please make sure that the pilot and company you hire:

a. Are registered and have a remote pilot license from the FAA, and

b. Carry liability insurance. Otherwise, you can be liable for fines and liability if there is a crash. Fines for FAA infractions of drones have run upwards of $70,000.

If you hire Victor Frailing Photographics to do your aerial photography, you are hiring an experienced, award winning aerial photographer.